About Us

About Us

SADS Board of Officers

President Sue Camplen
Vice-President Programs Ray Elizondo
Vice-President Newsletter Pat Schultze
Secretary Don Tuff
Treasurer Linda Hefner

Founding of the San Antonio Daylily Society

The San Antonio Hemerocallis Society was organized on May 19, 1968. The club began with 25 charter members.  The current year of 2015 marks the 47th continuous year that the club has been in existence. The name of the club was changed from the San Antonio Hemerocallis Society to the San Antonio Daylily Society on September 4, 1982.

Purpose of the San Antonio Daylily Society

The San Antonio Daylily Society is organized for educational and scientific purposes, and especially to promote, encourage, and foster the development and improvement of the genus Hemerocallis and the public interest therein.

SADS is For Everyone

Everyone is invited to attend meetings of the San Antonio Daylily Society.  Visitors are ALWAYS welcome.  The meetings are held monthly, on the third Sunday of the month at 2pm in the Sunday House of the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. (Exceptions to meeting dates will be announced.)


You do not have to have a knowledge of daylilies or even grown them to come to our meetings.  If you are interested in learning about daylilies, just join SADS members at a meeting.  We learn about daylilies together.


Yearly the organization has a show.  Since 2014, SADS has had a show without judges.  We let our visitors to the show be the judges and ask them to vote for the best blooms, designs and photographs.  These shows are held at the annual Festival of Flowers held in May at the Alzafar Shrine Temple.  Come to the Festival and stop by to view our blooms and talk daylilies with club members.  During this Festival, the club also sells daylily plants.

Presidents of the San Antonio Daylily Society

2018 - present Mrs. Sue Camplen
2017 - 2018 Mrs. Lauren Curtis
2016 - 2017 Mr. Donald Tuff
2015 - 2016 Ms. Beatrice Moreno
2013 - 2014 Mrs. Germaine Tuff
2011 - 2012 Mrs. Pat Schultze
2009 - 2010 Mr. Ray Elizondo
2007 - 2008 Mr. Don Tuff
2005 - 2006 Mrs. Jean Vanderhider
2003 - 2004 Mr. Steve Wingfield
2001 - 2002 Mr. Mark Carpenter
2000 Mr. Alan Humphreys
1999 Ms. Marilyn Greenlee
1998 Mr. Dennis Fortassain
1995 - 1997 Dr. Lois L. Bready
1994 - 1995 Mrs. Claudia Cowley
1992 - 1994 Mr. Dick Griffin
1991 - 1992 Mr. Charles Zwirn
1989 - 1991 Col. Michael Conrad
1987 - 1989 Mr. Charles Zwirn
1985 - 1987 Col. Michael Conrad
1984 - 1985 Mrs. Lucia Bjorkman
1982 - 1984 Col. Michael Conrad
1980 - 1982 Mrs. Ruth Edwards
1979 - 1980 Mrs. R. D. (Ruth) Allen
1978 - 1979 Col. Michael Conrad
1977 - 1978 Mrs. Martha Montgomery
1976 - 1977 Mrs. Russell Whipp
1976 - 1976 Mrs. G. D. Whitfield
1974 - 1975 Mrs. Gus Christy
1972 - 1974 Mrs. Paul (Cora) Offer
1970 - 1972 Mr. Paul Offer
1968 - 1970 Mrs. Emma Nelson