July Meeting:

San Antonio Daylily Society's July Program

Greetings SADS members.

A reminder that our monthly meeting will be Sunday, July 16 at 2:00 p.m. in the Education Building at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.

The program topic, is “Coping with the summer heat, while outdoors tending our gardens, a discussion. Members will be asked to share their experiences, trials and successes while working in their yards during the summer months.

What information will we learn from each other? I imagine more than we came to the meeting with!

Your personal experiences are valuable. Yet, many of us come across interesting articles or written advice, that we have tried and found successful in our efforts. Bring articles that reinforce your information too! Knowledge is power!

Let us know how you tend your garden during the hot summer months. Share your information regarding…What are some things you do to protect your plants, trees, etc. from the summer heat? When is the best time to be outdoors working in your yard? What protective attire do you wear while working outside? What magic potions do you use to ward off mosquitos and pesky bugs? How do you prevent sunburn; or, how do you treat sunburn? What do you do if bitten by bees, ants? Do you reach for a handy natural quick fix? Or, is there a medicine cabinet item(s) you use as a remedy?

During the hot summer months, we are constantly reminded… that hydration, hydration, hydration is very important! If we feel thirsty, this is already a sign of dehydration. Do you constantly hydrate yourself throughout the day? What are some beverages, besides water you recommend? What are some drinks that are not recommended to quench our thirst? You may unknowingly be drinking some of these refreshments to stay cool. Do they alleviate or hinder our thirst?

These are just a few of the areas we will be discussing; but open to others, which may also guide us while out of doors during the hot summer months.

Each time we have had a discussion on a specific topic, we have learned some new tips/suggestions or recalled some old tried and proven methods from each other. There is a wealth of gardening experience within our membership. Come share it with your fellow members.

If you are not able to attend; but would like to share some of your recommendations, please send the information to me. I’ll be glad to present it at the discussion.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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